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miercuri, 13 septembrie 2017


Her name is Ines.

We met almost two years ago. Both came from different corners of the world to learn.

She said ”I support people in finding their superpower”.  That moment I thought it`s just a cute promo message.

But her eyes!

Ines has the eyes of a grounded person. It seems she has been somewhere, did something, and now everything is clear for her.

One year later we met again. Same place. Same message to present herself - ”I support people in finding their superpower”. But this time I took it for real, this is her real mission.

Last minutes spent together were in the train station, early morning, both heading in different directions and making plans to meet again.

And then she said: "You almost found your superpower. You are close. Keep going."

Everything seemed so real and natural that moment. We both knew what she was talking about. (I almost knew.)

"Everybody has his/her own superpower. It`s the mission. It`s the best thing that person can do. It`s when you are happy to do what you do."

Sometimes I am wondering how come I was so lucky to meet her eyes?

Sometimes I imagine our next meeting, and then I become happy.

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