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vineri, 15 noiembrie 2013

Dias de Muertos y Basketball

Do you know what means "Día de Muertos"? 
This celebration  is the first thing I have learned about Mexico when I arrived here.

Finally, after 6 weeks being in here, this day came.
First, Mexican people are very proud of their traditions and people that changed the history (the heroes).

They combined very well the day of remembering dead people with Halloween. 
So on 1st and 2nd of November you can see a lot o kids and also adults with faces painted walking in the downtown and enjoying all the performances and activities dedicated to this days. 
Everybody is involved in this celebration and in this way making it special. 

Here people believe that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on 31st of October and the spirits of all dead children are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 fours, and on 2nd of November is adults` turn to enjoy the festivities prepared for them.

A lot of markets and fares started 3 weeks before. There you can find all king of candies and supplies that reminds you about death :D

In most families poeple make altars decorated with candles, buckets of flowers, plates of national food, Day-of-the-Dead breads called pan de muertos, alcohol (especially tequila and mezcal), folk art skeletons and sugar skulls. 

But mostly the altar should contain the things the person liked to eat and drink and some personal objects.

Here people believe in witches and other mystical symbols. This brings a special atmosphere to the first days of November.

We celebrated "Dia de muertos" in our university. For one day all the classrooms become art ateliers, with the best altars I ever seen. In 3 hours students managed to change totally the atmosphere by making great performances in this way presenting Mexican, but also world heroes for whom they dedicated the altars. 

    Last week we also went to support the basketball team during the competitions between universities. I never liked basketball until last week, when I realized that actually this is one of the best sports to learn about teamwork, and also how to play next to our opponent and to remain calm without kicking him :D. Volley for example is different because you have 2 sides of the playground and the teams do not interact with each other. (But steel volley is my favorite sport, maybe because I can play it a little :D)
Our students are really good at sports and I saw the team spirit they have and the support they offer to each other before, during and after playing. I enjoyed watching the games and also the trip to the place the competition took place. We had a lot of fun singing Mexican songs. :)  

This week, during the classes we were speaking with students about time management. It`s important to have a plan. I have one. At least for Mexico. I know my plan for one week before, but I still fell like is not enough. Some many things to do here, to visit, but less time left...

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