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sâmbătă, 23 noiembrie 2013

Aguascalientes con la Bici

Tuesday evening at nine o`clock - perfect time for not staying home.

Yesterday somebody asked me what is my favorite sport. A few days before I just realized that I have a new sport through my favorites - riding the bike. I don`t know why so late I found out this even if I used to ride the bike quite often since my first days in US.

 (Maybe this is how we are made to be - doing the things we love without realizing the pleasure they bring us. But you are happy until you realize about your happiness and then you start to think about your feelings and you stop feeling anything more. :D)

So, Rodada or Aguas con la Bici
I joined four Rodadas and hope not to miss next two as these are my last weeks here.

So, imagine 3 or 4 hundred people of different ages, all on bikes riding for about one hour in the downtown. I saw children of 6-7 years on their little bikes going up on the hills that I hardly could climb; young, but also 50-70-years-old people full of energy and in love with the Aguascalientes in the night. Some parents bring their kids on the back of their bikes. Some come with girlfriends, boyfriends, cousins, parents... some come with dogs. :D
We have a lot lot looot of fun and no language barriers as bikes is what we have in common, and sometimes I have even more fun without knowing Spanish.

Bikes? There is more than just "a 2-wheel-thing that moves". All the colors and models you want or can imagine you will find here. The best for me are the vintage ones with baskets in front and  little mirrors so the driver can see who`s following his or her bike:)

Everything is really good organized. A few days before you can find the map on Facebook  page (every week is a different trip so you can never get bored.) About 50 people are guiding and helping if needed. Police is involved to stop the car traffic for us. There is always a truck in case any bikes need some technical aid. There are even people responsible for cheering up and making us move faster when we feel like getting tired. And finally all of us are involved in making Aguascalientes a more pleasant place on Tuesday evenings saying hello and smiling to all those who are waiting for us on the street.

I remember last time two kids were choosing their favorite bike. But their eyes could not stop at one as we were so so many... I wish they will have a bike like the one they finally chosen.

The best moments:
one. We countdown before starting the ride :)
two. The first minute when the crowd starts to move, because you feel part of a big, happy, and crazy team.
three. The next hour enjoying the ride next to that big, happy, and crazy team.
four. The end. The last 5 minutes riding on the avenue and we see the finish point - the San Marcos Church waiting for us.

And it doesn`t matter if you are a kid, student, a old man, you sell tacos, or you are a stranger from Moldova. Rodada is for those who like biking in the nights:)

p.s. we moved in Guanajuato for 3 days because this place is special...

vineri, 15 noiembrie 2013

Dias de Muertos y Basketball

Do you know what means "Día de Muertos"? 
This celebration  is the first thing I have learned about Mexico when I arrived here.

Finally, after 6 weeks being in here, this day came.
First, Mexican people are very proud of their traditions and people that changed the history (the heroes).

They combined very well the day of remembering dead people with Halloween. 
So on 1st and 2nd of November you can see a lot o kids and also adults with faces painted walking in the downtown and enjoying all the performances and activities dedicated to this days. 
Everybody is involved in this celebration and in this way making it special. 

Here people believe that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on 31st of October and the spirits of all dead children are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 fours, and on 2nd of November is adults` turn to enjoy the festivities prepared for them.

A lot of markets and fares started 3 weeks before. There you can find all king of candies and supplies that reminds you about death :D

In most families poeple make altars decorated with candles, buckets of flowers, plates of national food, Day-of-the-Dead breads called pan de muertos, alcohol (especially tequila and mezcal), folk art skeletons and sugar skulls. 

But mostly the altar should contain the things the person liked to eat and drink and some personal objects.

Here people believe in witches and other mystical symbols. This brings a special atmosphere to the first days of November.

We celebrated "Dia de muertos" in our university. For one day all the classrooms become art ateliers, with the best altars I ever seen. In 3 hours students managed to change totally the atmosphere by making great performances in this way presenting Mexican, but also world heroes for whom they dedicated the altars. 

    Last week we also went to support the basketball team during the competitions between universities. I never liked basketball until last week, when I realized that actually this is one of the best sports to learn about teamwork, and also how to play next to our opponent and to remain calm without kicking him :D. Volley for example is different because you have 2 sides of the playground and the teams do not interact with each other. (But steel volley is my favorite sport, maybe because I can play it a little :D)
Our students are really good at sports and I saw the team spirit they have and the support they offer to each other before, during and after playing. I enjoyed watching the games and also the trip to the place the competition took place. We had a lot of fun singing Mexican songs. :)  

This week, during the classes we were speaking with students about time management. It`s important to have a plan. I have one. At least for Mexico. I know my plan for one week before, but I still fell like is not enough. Some many things to do here, to visit, but less time left...

marți, 12 noiembrie 2013


Mă voi întoarce să te văd.
Te voi găsi, dar nu acolo unde te-am lăsat.
Mă vei uita.
Pentru că așa trebuie să fie.
Și eu la rândul meu te voi uita.
Dar voi spera ca tu să nu mă fi uitat.

Mi-i dor. Nu de tine, de mine și nici măcar de noi.
Mi-i pur și simplu dor...


Azi dimineața cerul este formidabil. Mi-i frică să povestesc despre el pentru a nu-l
descrie prea poetic și astfel risc să distrug simplitatea pe care o are.

Evidentul nu se dicută pentru că devine plictisitor, dar fiecare are evidentul său și
unele chestii rămân nediscutate. Stupid.

vineri, 8 noiembrie 2013

Oameni care trezesc

Eram prima zi în universitatea în care urma să livrez seminare pe antreprenoriat timp de 2 luni.
Gabi, persoana care este responsabilă de proiect mă plimba prin clase să-mi facă cunoștință cu studenții. Ne-am orpit în fașa unei uși, cred că era a 5-a, sau a 7-a chiar. S-a întors către mine și a spus ”You are going to looove this teacher”, apoi a deschis ușa. 

El ne-a primit cu un zâmbet larg și ochi buni. Așa am făcut cunoștință cu Alex.

El poate face oamenii să vadă frumosul, dar cel mai important - frumosul din ei. 

Cu câțiva ani în urmă a scris pe un forum, pe net un mesaj ”Dacă vrei să te sinucizi, scrie-mi și împreună vom căuta fericirea în lumea asta.”. A spus că nu se aștepta la nici un răspuns. ”Cine ar fi atât de nebun încât să răspundă la acest mesaj? ”

” Mi-ai scris în jur de 200 de persoane. Mi-am făcut și o agendă. Vorbeam cu fiecare dintre ei câte o oră pe zi. Plecam la culcare la 4 dimineața. Pe câțiva i-am vizitat.
Unul dintre ei trăia cu familia sa în condiții puțin favorabile. Am înțeles că sunt săraci atunci când au facut suc fresh de protocale și mi l-au dat pe tot mie, pentru că eram oaspetele lor. Am încercat să mă împart cu ei, însă au refuzat categoric. Atunci am înțeles că ăsta este cel mai frumos dar pe care mi-l pot oferi. Am plâns.”

Mi-a spus că nimic nu este întâmplător. 
Știu. Nimic. 

Ieri am vizitat orașul în felul său. Am schimbat 5 localuri și în fiecare am comandat un alt fel de bautura. Data viitoare ne-am promis că vor fi 6. :D

Am mai văzut orașul la miez de noapte departe de orice sunet în afară de cel al greierilor...

 El împarte îmbrățișări, gânduri bune cu oamenii pentru că știe că astfel face lumea mai frumoasă în fiecare zi. 

Câteodată în viața noastră apar oameni atât de speciali, încât nu-ți vine să crezi că poate fi adevărat. 

El mi-a mai spus că în una dintre culturile Mexicane oamenii își spuneau secretele fluturilor, pentru că ei sunt unicile ființe care nu provoacă nici un sunet...  Eu mi-am pus secretul într-o cutie, în ultimul loc pe care l-am vizitat... 

luni, 4 noiembrie 2013

Hello Cervantino!

Last Friday, at 6.30 PM we left home in order to take the bus that goes to Guanajuato.
We thought the bus went without us as we were 5 minutes late.  But no! :D We waited for it 1 hour more. The trip lasted 3 hours, or more, because of some stops we made before arriving there. But we were somehow happy for this. During our ride I was thinking abut the quote we were talking about with Dina a few days before: Life if not about the destination, but the journey :). We had a bus-party so in that moment we "did not care about the destination" (even I slept a little bit - "saving energy" :D)

At 3 or 4 o`clock in the morning we arrived. That city is so so amazing!! Even in the night I was sure this is the perfect city, with the perfect mood.
Why to sleep at this hour when you can go out?
We`ve been in a nice place, an underground pub, with a lot of birds on the walls, a blue fridge, and a piano in one of the rooms.  Even everything was full, we placed ourselves on the stairs that went to the second floor and enjoyed our first morning in the city we were already in love with.

The next day, Guanajuato met us with a lot of people enjoying Cervantino (a cultural event that lasts 2 weeks).
In this place, at every corner you can find something to amaze you. We enjoyed the Hippy Market, all the performances on the street, and of course the great architecture and mood this city has.

We had great time sleeping on the floor :D in a little room with other 6 people, drinking mezcal, eating tasty Mexican food and walking on Guanajuato`s narrow streets ...
It is not the last time we met ;)

Thank you for another amazing week-end in Mexico!

Here some photos.
(next I`ll tel you about "Dia de los Muertos" and amazing things students made in our university)