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sâmbătă, 12 octombrie 2013

Mexico City and some more

As Dina said here, Mexico is about people.
Life is about them and here I don`t know yet why, but I feel everything is going to be how it should be.. 

Alex, a teacher from the university we work, said something that I already knew, but is like I needed a confirmation: Everything is happening for a reason and we meet people for a reason. Nobody, but nobody is a random person. 

We`ve been in Mexico City - a place with a looot of people. Population of Moldova could fit there more than 5 times :D  

But you know, this trip was also about the way and not just destination. 
We had the opportunity to stay in a pick-up, in the back, in a improvised bed. It was the kind of adventure "we are going to keep for telling to our children and grandchildren". 

We met good people and saw great places. We had breakfast with an amazing family, and I even had a  Spanish class with a 3 years old child (here my English is too bad to explain you how special he is). 

While walking in Mexico City, we met a guy selling sweet cotton. Maybe it was a regular day for him, but he made mine to be special. He actually was selling colors and a little bit of happiness... His hair was purple and blue because of the colorful cotton, and sometimes he was letting it go up in the air, like sharing the colors with the whole city or even world. 

Maybe all of you have a plan how to make strangers believe Mexico is the best place to live,but I feel like this is for real :D

Here everybody says: "Don`t worry". I`m not worried at all, because I`m in the right place, with people that every day teach me how to feel free, crazy and happy.

Qooh and  do you remember about the Serenada? It happened with me to see one in the university I work. It was amazing to see how everybody is involved to make somebody`s day special.

I have to tell you more about the people from this university. They are somehow special. Next time ;)


p.s. All our life is about waiting for something, but maybe is better to enjoy while waiting?

p.p.s. You know, I also enjoy traveling by car during the night...

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