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marți, 24 septembrie 2013

Viva Mexico!

Since 1810 Mexico is independent. We`ve been in Dolores, a nice city that is about 3 hours from Aguascalientes.

And you know how everything starts: "It was a nice, sunny day. The rain just stopped and nothing made us think that it could start raining again in afternoon, and evening, and night." (Actually it was cloudy, but we thought we a going to be lucky.:D)

After having lunch in Aguascalientes, in a place where some guys with typical mustaches and guitars were singing Mexican music while we were enjoying our meal, we started.

At 9 PM we arrived in Dolores - the city where the father of Independence, Don Miguel Hidalgo, have lived. The place was full of happy people wearing  green&white&red, national hats and other Independence supplies a true Mexican should have for a day like this. Here the first time in my life I saw how people draw on their faces the flags. (it`s chalk guys!! this is happening with people like me who are not really interested in football/ soccer. You can live a life and never to find out about such things.) A 5-years-old boy was marking people with the Mexican flag for a few coins.

No rain - no fun! But we did have fun! We have stayed under some umbrellas and plastic bags for about 2 hours laughing and screaming: Viva Mexico! We tried not to get wet, but it didn`t work :D. At the end we were not even trying to run from the rain.

But it was just the begging. We continued with pozole soup and "crazy water" :D. The host even gave me a pear of socks when she saw that I can not speak any Spanish and doing nothing but walking barefoot around.

It was already morning when we got tired of dancing salsa (note: this country is amazing! here everybody can dance salsa!) and we went to sleep as in the afternoon it was planned one more city to visit - San Miguel, a place where you can feel the history and enjoy a great architecture.

This was my Mexico`s Independence Day:)

Kisses from Ags.*

*and when I say kisses, I mean it! as here this is the way you greet people - strangers, friends, colleagues, teachers, students. Me like it:D  (I wander if in the business world is the same here. It would be nice, and much easier for sales and partnership purposes).

here some great people and me:)

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