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sâmbătă, 5 octombrie 2013


The Serenade? It really exists here. You have to pay about 1000 pesos (1 American dollar = 13 pesos, or 1 Moldovan leu = almost 1 Mexican peso), and they will bring you in the place you want to sing her about your love.
A good Serenada should have about 10 songs, and it doesn`t matter if you can not sing. The mariachi guys are going to do everything for you.

Serenada happens in the night so you should make sure that your love is not sleeping. Ask some help if you need. (From the experience of a friend of mine.)

You also can ask you friends to help you with singing. So if anybody is planning to bring a Serenada, may I join please? I`m not a good singer, but I really really want to see this process live.


Here, somebody told me: ”You are going to see that we use lemon (known as lime) for any kind of meal”. And by everything he meant EVERYTHING you can eat or drink.

We`ve visited Mexico City. It was amazing. Soon more details and photos will come.
I`ll tell you about a person that lives in sweet colors and because of him I felt happy for a few minutes.



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