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miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

The Zahir - despre cum apare religia

When I was fifteen, I was desperate to find out about sex. But it was a sin, it was 
forbidden. I couldn’t understand why it was a sin, could you? Can you tell me why all 
religions, all over the world, even the most primitive of religions and cultures, consider 
that sex is something that should be forbidden?” 
“How did we get onto this subject? All right, why is sex something to be forbidden?” 
“Because of food.” 
“Thousands of years ago, tribes were constantly on the move; men could make love with 
as many women as they wanted and, of course, have children by them. However, the 
larger the tribe, the greater chance there was of it disappearing. Tribes fought among 
themselves for food, killing first the children and then the women, because they were
 the weakest. Only the strongest survived, but they were all men. And without women, men 
cannot continue to perpetuate the species. 
“Then someone, seeing what was happening in a neighboring tribe, decided to avoid the
same thing happening in his. He invented a story according to which the gods forbade 
men to make love indiscriminately with any of the women in a tribe. They could only 
make love with one or, at most, two. Some men were impotent, some women were 
sterile, some members of the tribe, for perfectly natural reasons, thus had no children at 
all, but no one was allowed to change partners. 
“They all believed the story because the person who told it to them was speaking in the 
name of the gods. He must have been different in some way: he perhaps had a deformity, 
an illness that caused convulsions, or some special gift, something, at any rate, that 
marked him out from the others, because that is how the first leaders emerged. In a few 
years, the tribe grew stronger, with just the right number of men needed to feed everyone, 
with enough women capable of reproducing and enough children to replace the hunters 
and reproducers. Do you know what gives a woman most pleasure within marriage?” 
“No, making food. Watching her man eat. That is a woman’s moment of glory, because 
she spends all day thinking about supper. And the reason must lie in that story hidden in 
the past—in hunger, the threat of extinction, and the path to survival.”

                                                                    ”The Zahir”, Paulo Coelho

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