____________________________________It`s exactly what you think it is.

luni, 20 februarie 2017

Don`t leave Vienna without a kiss.
I left a kiss. I left a smile. And took a very warm thought from a stranger. 
It made me laugh like a kid of so many beautiful coincidences that I preffer to call hints.

The Sun met me in his own perfect way. 
I`m sure He is in love with me. The colours of today said this.

And the ways bacome so easy and naturaly to follow. 
And don`t leave Vienna without a kiss.

Before coming here I found one more stone for me. 
Let`s see. 

marți, 7 februarie 2017

There was a time in my life when dancing was part of it.
Now I faced that dance again.

That connection between two who will fall in love for a few minutes.The moment when being strong and leading is the way I disconnect.

Same dance, but how much it taught me today. I run in front of the music because the stillness brings too much fear. When nothing is happening too many things are happening.

But today I`ve also learned there is no stillness. My hips are moving. And they need time and freedom to move.

This year is about passion and love.
And again it came up from a totally unexpected corner.
The passion. It brings so much power and light.
And then the flow is there, and nothing else exists.
Nothing else.


vineri, 27 ianuarie 2017

There are days when I imagine myself entering the room full of chairs and people. The room looks ordinary because the story is not about it. It can be different every day.

What I see there is my chair. I know that it is my place, and also everybody else knows it. That`s why nobody invites me to take it as this is my own business. It`s me and the chair who decide when we meet.

But I wait to be invited. And nothing happens because nobody dares to give me my place. Because they, unlike me, they know it`s me who decides.

I take my power back from the place it was waiting for me.
I take my place.
I have my power.

THE place. It came in the moment I came. 

And everybody has his own place.

sâmbătă, 31 decembrie 2016

Din Nou e Nou

Azi e ziua gratitudinii. Aleg să mulțumesc pentru tot tot, indiferent dacă a fost ușor sau greu. Azi e ziua când pun picioarele pe pământ și iau cu mine tot ce am învățat în acest an. Pun puncte, cu respect și gratitudine lecțiilor încheiate, le ofer acceptare și timp celor care sunt in proces.


2017 este anul iubirii și pasiunii

luni, 19 decembrie 2016

What happened these days?

I just got into the core of my most limiting belief. 
It is so limiting that I loose any connection with myself and people around me. 
It doesn`t even hurt because I`ve learned not to feel anything in this kind of days. 

It came into my mind that the end of the year is coming, and some other endings as well. These endings are bringing gratitude. Because it`s a beautiful ritual to close the cycle with gratitude. 

I realized that the most difficult is to accept that tomorrow I will have a different feeling towards the same situation. It just can not get into my mind. But it is like this, every single time. 

Today the gratitude came. And it is so much of it. And it`s so beautiful. 

Today I want to accept and to let go those feelings I had yesterday. 

Because we can love and hate the same person, including ourselves, and same moment, including this moment. And if I start with acceptance for my feelings, then I can let them go.

p.s. I want to tell you a story about the tango, and the guy who looks for love for himself in so many girls. I will.